Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela announces military exercises on the border with Colombia


The armed forces of Venezuela will conduct exercises on the border with Colombia.  This was announced on Tuesday by the President of the Bolivarian Republic,  Nicolas Maduro.

“I decided to hold military exercises along the entire western border from September 10 to 28,” he said during a speech broadcast on Twitter.

Maduro also ordered tightening controls on the border with Colombia.  “I ordered the Venezuelan Armed Forces Strategic Operational Command and all military units deployed at the border to declare an orange threat level because of the danger of Colombian aggression against Venezuela,” Maduro said.

Last week, Colombian authorities accused the Venezuelan government of providing asylum and assistance to former rebels of the left-wing radical group “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia”, who announced their return to armed struggle.  Caracas, in turn, accused Bogota of harboring the terrorists who prepared the bombings in Venezuela.


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