President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela expects resumption of dialogue with US


Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez invited US President Donald Trump to begin the process of restoring diplomatic relations between the countries. She added that after a failed attempt to overthrow the current president of Venezuela, the United States “has only one way – diplomatic communication and negotiations.”

“The only thing we expect from the United States government is the restoration of diplomatic channels and dialogue with the government of President Nicolas Maduro,” said Ms. Rodriguez.

The United States government should be smart and start negotiations with Venezuela to resolve the crisis in the country. With such a statement was made by the Vice President of the Republic to the authorities of the United States at a press conference in the building of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, the vice president noted that at present “the American administration supports efforts that are aimed not at improving the life of Venezuelans, but at enriching the opposition leader Juan Guaido.”

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