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Venezuela Gets a Place on the UN Human Rights Council


Venezuela was elected among the 14 countries that will be members of the UN Human Rights Council in 2020-2022, follows from the results of the General Assembly vote.

In total, the council, which is regularly rotated, includes 47 countries.

According to the results of the vote, from the countries of the Latin American region, Venezuela, with 105 votes, and Brazil with 153 votes, entered the UN Human Rights Council.

The new board members also included Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Armenia, Libya, Sudan, Namibia, Mauritania, Indonesia, the Marshall Islands.

Earlier this year, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet visited Venezuela and met with representatives of the authorities and the opposition.  In the report following the visit, she said that basic rights and freedoms were violated in the republic, but noted that the country was ready for cooperation in the field of human rights.  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the report is “full of lies, manipulations, false data.”

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