Venezuela Opposition Would Parade In Order To Tell Maduro to Allow Aid Reach the Nation

Venezuela Opposition Would Parade In Order To Tell Maduro to Allow Aid Reach the Nation


On 12th February, supporters of Venezuela’s opposition would be hitting the streets countrywide and maintain the heat on at war President Nicolas Maduro and urge to allow humanitarian aid into the nation, where the deficit of medicine and food is rampant.

On Monday, Venezuela’s acting president Guaido declared the delivery of the first humanitarian aid, which consisted of vitamin and nutritional supplements for the children as well as pregnant woman to have reached many health centers. However, he also stated the donation was of small quantity going by the fact that the government has stalled the delivery of aid from a collection point.

According to sources, the rallies would be taking place roughly after three weeks to the day when opposition Chief Juan Guaido called upon a constitutional plan to announce himself as Venezuela’s lawful president, citing that last year Maduro’s re-election was a phony one.

Most Western nations, which include the United States, have acknowledged Guaido as Venezuela’s provisional president, but Maduro maintains the support of powerful countries like Russia, China and also controls state institutions like the military.

The two sides are now at belligerent over the matter of humanitarian assistance, which the opposition claims is utter necessary due to Maduro’s misuse of the once-buoyant OPEC country’s economy.

The 35-year-old Guaido is collaborating Western relief endeavors. Maduro, who dismisses reports of crisis, boycotts the aid as a U.S.-organized show and is barring the entry of supplies.

Late on Monday, Guaido told his 1.25 million followers on Twitter that they would again hit the streets and place their demand in front of the government. They would urge the entry of the humanitarian aid, which can save the lives of over 3,00,000 Venezuelans who are facing the risk of dying.

Guaido has pledged that the opposition, which he has re-stirred, will keep protesting in order to keep up pressure on Maduro to resign so new presidential elections can be conducted.

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