Venezuelan Foreign Ministry Jorge Arreaza in press meet

Venezuela says its citizens face xenophobia in Peru


Venezuelan migrants in Peru regularly face xenophobia from the authorities, which is one of the elements of aggression against the Bolivarian Republic.  This was announced on Sunday by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

“The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its strong rejection of acts of xenophobia, aggression and persecution against citizens of Venezuela and citizens who migrated to the Republic of Peru. These are shameful and inhumane acts that were allowed or committed by the authorities of the Government of Peru and provoked by hatred campaigns against Venezuelans,” the statement says  agency report – These unworthy actions directed by the migration services to incite hatred are part of the plan of aggression against Venezuela and  provoked by several racist governments in the region to please the Venezuelan opposition, which is seeking a coup. ”

The country’s authorities say that more than 300 thousand Peruvians in Venezuela do not face similar problems, which the Bolivarian Republic intends to obtain condemnation, in particular, from the UN.

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