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Venezuela: the government and the opposition agreed to a dialogue


The authorities and the opposition of Venezuela in the framework of the negotiations in Barbados have concluded an agreement on the creation of a commission to overcome the political crisis, July 11 is reported on the official page of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

Norway acted as a mediator in the negotiations. “Within the framework of this process, a commission for negotiations was created, which will work on a permanent basis to reach an agreed decision within the framework of the Constitution. It is envisaged that the parties will hold consultations in order to advance in the negotiations, ”the Norwegian Foreign Ministry informs.

Foreign Minister IneEriksenSöreide stressed the importance of the parties being extremely cautious in their comments and reaffirming that the negotiations were conducted “in a spirit of cooperation.”

Recall the crisis in Venezuela began in January 2019. As a result of pro-American “opposition” demonstrations, dozens of people died. The United States and a number of Western countries have strengthened the economic and political pressure on the government and froze Venezuela’s accounts. Recognizing the speaker of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as “president”, they openly blackmailed and threatened the leadership of the Bolivarian Republic.


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