Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Forewarns That He Might Take Diplomatic Measures against Latin American Countries

On Wednesday (9th January), Nicolas Maduro Venezuelan President informed that he could take “discreet steps” against Latin American countries who signed a declaration last week calling his second term, as unlawful. Maduro’s second term as the President would commence from 10th January.

Members of the supposed Group of Lima, which comprises of Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, stated Maduro’s new term, would be invalid as the 2018 election that helped him to secure a second term was not a free and fair one. Hence, they don’t acknowledge Maduro’s leadership.

Maduro, using a negative name for the group widely used by ruling Socialist Party leaders stated that Venezuela has already forewarned the governments of the Cartel of Lima that, in case they don’t amend their attitude, Venezuelan government will take the most offensive steps that has been ever taken in diplomacy. However, he didn’t specified the steps he would be taking.

Maduro described Peru’s government as absurd for declaring that it is planning to stop Maduro and other top-ranking Venezuelan officials from entering their territory.

The May 2018 election was extensively shunned by the opposition, who called it as a charade as the election was manipulated in Maduro’s favor. Governments around the world also described it as unlawful.

Maduro persists that the election was just and that the opposition did not took part because it knew it would not win. He blamed foreign governments which includes Latin American nations for trying to oust him.