Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Begins His Second Term


Defying all the critics in the United States and in Latin America, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, began his second consecutive term on Thursday. He was criticized of taking power and position as the president of the country illegally. Venezuela has been in a humanitarian crisis due to extensive economical disturbances in the country.

The Supreme Court of Venezuela which is said to be on the government’s side, swore him as the president followed by a greeting with symphony orchestra. Supporters showed their presence and celebrated the ceremony by waving several Venezuelan Flags.

The United States described him as a leader who has taken power forcefully and illegally. Argentina and Paraguay has also announced of ending all diplomatic ties with Venezuela. This means Maduro will face an increasing level of isolation in the coming times.

Congress, the opposition party has been ignored by the ruling party several times. However, Maikel Moreno, Chief of Supreme Court still spent at least 20 minutes in explaining the reason why Maduro has not been sworn in by the Congress.

Venezuela had been one of Latin America’s wealthiest nations at one point of time but since the last two decades of socialist rule the residents of the country are struggling to afford the basic good and amenities as inflation rates have soared to massive levels. People are also migrating from the nation for this reason.

Congress Chief Juan Guido said during a news conference for the armed forces, the majority of men and women in uniform to come forward in order to voice the fact that this election was not a result of a proper voting system.

Despite criticisms from the opposition and other critics, Maduro continue to enjoy the support from the armed forces of the country. The breaking diplomatic ties however remain a matter of concern.

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