Violent protests in Hong Kong are ‘undisguised challenge’ by China


The Chinese government has given a powerful condemnation of protesters who stormed and vandalized the Hong Kong’s legislature late on Monday, calling the act “totally intolerable”.

In a statement offered by the state-run Xinhua news agency, the Chinese government’s liaison office in Hong Kong , its top representative organisation in the city, said it was “shocked, indignant and strongly condemned” the siege of the parliament building, which followed a day of protests against a controversial extradition bill late Monday.

“Some extreme elements used excessive violence to storm the legislature building and carried out a series of large-scale assaults. This is shocking, heart-breaking and angering,” the statement said. “Their violent acts are an extreme challenge to Hong Kong’s rule of law and seriously undermined Hong Kong’s peace and stability. It is totally intolerable.”

The statement stated the China liaison office supported the Hong Kong authorities to investigate the violent behaves to safeguard Hong Kong’s law and order.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, or China’s cabinet, sent a similarly-worded statement of condemnation, vowing to support the Hong Kong authorities in investigating the “violent offenders’ criminal responsibility .”

A state newspaper posted by the Communist party mouthpiece the People’s Daily also called for “zero tolerance” of the incident.

“Out of blind arrogance and rage, protesters showed a complete disregard for law and order,” declared both the Chinese and English versions of the Global Times in an editorial on Tuesday.

“Chinese society is all too aware that a zero-tolerance policy is the only remedy for such destructive behaviour witnessed. Otherwise, and without this policy , it would be similar to opening a Pandora’s Box,” it said.


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