Way in Which Turkey Is Violating the Sovereignty of Qatar


Nordic Monitor, a monitoring site based in Sweden that has given a clear overview about Turkey’s military agreement with Qatar. However, the agreement that was reached by the two countries consists of a lot of vague terms and many ambiguities.

Basically, the bilateral agreement would grant Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to utilise Turkish air, land and naval assets in order to boost his own doctrine and personal interests in the Gulf and afar by making use of the hard power of the second largest army belonging to NATO’s military alliance.

However, if the accord is not checked closely, the agreement carries a lot of risks of aggravation of Turkey’s participation in possible conflicts that has nothing to do with safeguarding and boosting the national interest of Turkey. Furthermore it affirms the view that the obscurity in the accord planning was calculated and organized so that Erdogan can use it accordingly.

The agreement looks beyond the training and joint exercises and also includes operations, which can be the combat operation for the Turkish group. The agreement was hurriedly reached when Turkey wanted to send a message to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Arab countries after they found evidences that Qatar is supporting Extremist.

As per the Article 4 “Implementation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the State of Qatar on Deployment of Turkish Forces into Territory of Qatar,” this was endorsed on 28th April in Doha, consists of the vague phrase over the missions for the stationing of the Turkish troops. It hinted that Erdoğan can also avoid the Turkish Parliament for approval of overseas missions, in order to fit Erdoğan’s impulse and won’t need to require the approval from Parliament that is needed for the stationing of Turkish troops abroad according to the Turkish Constitution.

Moreover, the agreement doesn’t mention the length of period during which Turkish troops would be staying in Qatar. Even though the deal controls the long term or temporary presence of the troops; however, the prospect and criteria hasn’t been specified.

Even though the stationing of the troops in Qatar should be as per the plan of the parties; but Turkey would have the final say in everything.

Turkey regards ties with Qatar to be diplomatic, and Turkey’s Erdogan and Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in 2014 established a High-Level Strategic Council (HLSC), an intergovernmental mechanism in order to bring together both ministers at summits that would be organized by the heads of state and government.

Basically, the enforcement of the accord is an inquiry into the military assistance agreement that was endorsed between the two nations on 19th December 2014 and became effective from 15th June 2015. Hence, Turkey indirectly is violating the sovereignty of Qatar.

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