Why is Trump Administration Monitoring the Coronavirus Situations in Latin America? 


The Trump Administration had to a great extent sealed US borders since the beginning of the pandemic flare-up by limiting travel to contain the spread. The restrictions have since been renewed and stay in effect as the nation battles the coronavirus. Similar to the US, neighboring nations toward the south are also grappling with Covid-19.

Last week, Brazil exceeded 100,000 cases of the infection. The United States is tracking Covid-19 cases in Mexico and Latin America amid worries that the situation could worsen and migrate towards the north as cases in the region rise. A department official told CNN, We must plan for ‘what if’ scenarios.

The coronavirus has so far caused less damage in Latin America than in the United States or Europe, however, as Latin America is a long way behind in testing. The United States has performed tenfold the number of tests per million individuals as Brazil, and thirtyfold the number of as Mexico. Due to which numerous asymptomatic cases will probably stay undetected for a considerable length of time.

Lately, President Donald Trump has rehashed on the situations in Latin America, proposing in a tweet that California “doesn’t need individuals coming over the Southern Border” presently that there are rising coronavirus cases in Mexico.

According to Department authorities, in a step signaling the emphasis on neighboring nations, US Customs and Border Protection is also sending daily reports regarding Covid-19. Senior pioneers are also convening over the phone about the circumstance in Mexico every week, an official told CNN.

The Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed that worries about coronavirus tainting more people in the US from Latin American visitors and that he might want to see those voyagers tested at the airport before boarding their US flight.

As indicated by CNN, The US wishes to reopen its economy from a standstill, but keeping a check on Latin American countries as “mass exodus” from one of the neighboring nations, will make the situation worse for the United States.

Article Credit: CNN/Foreign Policy/Forbes/ABC News

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