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Why Is Turkey Busy Picking A Fight With Greece?


It seems the new dangerous but childish battle building up is now between Turkey and Greece that has also pulled in countries from in its vicinity. For Turkey, the battle is on the same issue- control of energy sources.  It has been repeatedly drawn into loggerhead fights in the Mediterranean Sea.

The area of focus is the gas rich regions discovered under the eastern Mediterranean sea.

Technically, Greece has reasons to say that its many island clusters in that region give it sole rights to drill for gas in these discovered sources.  But Turkey feels it has rights on the largest energy pie owing to the fact that it has been sending ships accompanied by war ships to explore for gas off Cyprus.

Greece’s claim is supported by International law. But now, there are other countries also rising to the occasion and wish to share these resources. These include Cyprus, Greece, Jordon, Israel, Italy and Egypt. But Turkey finds itself on the bench. It is not being asked to be a part of the game.  Blame it on Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan’s arrogance and single minded pursuit for power that has pushed all these nations away from Turkey.

The main point of contention is Turkey’s approach towards Syria and Syrian refugees.  Why Turkey feels it can claim rights over the gas reserves is because of the geopolitical situation in Cyprus, where a part of Cyprus is still handled by Turkey, despite international fraternity refusing that claim.

Greece is a both a NATO member and a part of European Union, unlike Cyprus and Turkey. Therefore, Greece has to adhere to its commitment to both, unlike Turkey that is okay with being a rebel for rebellion cause. On its part, it has wanted to tie the knot with other countries while claiming rights over these reserves in the Mediterranean.

Greece went ahead to tie the knot with Egypt, to which Turkey decided to send warships into the sea. There was heat on sea but the situation was controlled by the more level headed mature NATO member Germany. Right now, Germany is playing the truce maker, trying to bring Athens and Ankara on a decent discussion table than war at sea situation.  Turkey feels it has an upper hand with Germany, owing to the trump card of opening refugee floodgates to Europe; especially Germany. But the international community sides with Greece for obvious reasons and Germany has a tough task ahead to come out with a creative peaceful resolution to the silly energy skirmish. The world economies are literally on a survival mode. There is no dearth of gas and energy supplies; this only makes one wonder why Turkey has in the first place, indulged in such childish attitude.

Erdogan continues to show as to how an spoilt brat is can be; one is out to throw a tantrum to get the attention he needs when the older lot is busy managing their country affairs and actually concentrating on running a government.

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