French PM Emmanuel Macron

Why Macron Would Prefer Alternate American Leadership?


It is not just China that could be said to have been rubbed the wrong way when it comes to the lack of sound diplomacy on the part of the United States. Speaking about the need for effective leadership for the superpower, French PM Emmanuel Macron addressed a press gathering and said that the new leadership should be such that it can settle the international conflicts and create a more homogenous trade environment.

Also addressing leadership roles across the world, Macron has urged European neighbors to better coordinate cross-border virus restrictions as infections resurge. It is worth noting that multiple countries have had to impose tests or quarantines on visitors from France.

Political analysts have not minced their words when they say that indeed, the businessman driven White House administration has lost its way under Trump’s leadership. A skewed thought process of ‘America First’ has ruined Washington’s long term political and trade relations with a lot of countries. It has disturbed balance with Europe not to forget the UK as well.

President Donald Trump remains unapologetic about his self serving foreign policy stance, even if it means frustrating historic allies like France, who are closely following this year’s U.S. presidential race between Trump, the Republican candidate, and his Democratic Party rival, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump has rocked the world dynamics for no good reason. First, the US pulling out of the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, then its bullying tactics with China and Iran that disturbed everyone’s geopolitical status quo; and now, America wishes to do away with its participation in funding the UN supported World Health Organisation.

Verbalizing his frustration, Macron added that “What’s important in the international context is that we have a United States that can play its role as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, a member that is fully involved in big multilateral questions.” He further added that “we need the United States for resolving the most complex conflicts, and we need to have a United States that is a partner in collective security,”

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