Xi Claims that China Must Lead the Reforms of Global Governance


Beijing is looking forward to enhance its influence in the world and foreign ministry of the country echoed the words of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The Chinese nation must lead the world when it comes to bringing reforms in global governance. China is looking for a greater say in global organizations like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and United Nations. The economic and diplomatic condition is improving with time and hence the nation wants to have greater say.

Ever since Xi has taken up the responsibility of the nation, he has always followed a muscular approach. He has set up the global bodies of China like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and has been successful in starting his Belt and Road project to create a new Silk Route. Beijing has proved itself to be a responsible member of the global community. The situation has become favorable for China especially after American Donald Trump withdrew the country from agreements on Iran and climate change and the European nations are busy dealing with Brexit and other issues.

Xi stated that China needs to uphold the protection of the development interests, sovereignty and security of the country. It also needs to participate proactively and show the way of bringing about reforms in the global governance system which will create a better web of global partnership relationships.

A strong, modern and socialist country would be created and it is considered to be the propaganda of the Chinese embassy in the United States. Xi did not provide any details and it appeared that he portrayed the importance of the Bely and Road and other diplomatic platforms. This new style of international relations which offers mutual benefit for all is welcome even though China’s behavior had been criticized by many Western countries.

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